The 24HM Board of Directors is currently looking for our next charity partner. We believe that theatre can (and should!) be used to make a difference in our world. Each year, we produce a 24 Hour Musical, putting together a full-scale, Broadway-style musical production in only 24 hours. Tickets to the show are free, with donations accepted, and all proceeds from the show go directly to our charity partner.

Past beneficiaries include the Meals on Wheels of Anderson, Anderson Free Clinic, Cancer Association of Anderson, and  DCEC (Developmental Center for Exceptional Children). We are always on the lookout for new ways that theatre arts can benefit our world, so whether you are a local charity or a global organization, we would love to hear from you!

Our experience with 24 Hour Musical was a true blessing. We were amazed at the effort and talent that was poured into this production! The opportunities to share our story, through working with this amazing group of actors was invaluable. We even gained a wonderful employee from the experience! Thank you 24 Hour Musical for your heart for this community!
— Laura Capell, Marketing Director, DCEC (2016 Charity Partner)
I constantly say that working together works! And the Anderson Free Clinic experience with the 24 Hour Musical was a great example of that. The Anderson Free Clinic was the first charity to benefit from that collaborative effort. The cast, crew, and leaders offered what they do best: organization, passion and talents to deliver an outstanding performance... in 24 hours. Doing what we do well, the Free Clinic mobilized people for a well attended event. I loved working with them!
— Barbara Baptista una Freund, Executive Director, Anderson Free Clinic (2014 Charity Partner)
We thoroughly enjoyed being involved with The 24 Hour Musical and are so appreciative of the $3,505.02 raised for Meals on Wheels through your efforts. Congratulations on a wonderful show AND setting a new record for the amount donated to your charity partner!

Your interest in ‘making a difference while creating unifying, uplifting community experiences’ is more than a just a statement of something you aspire to, it’s a reality! Thank you for choosing Meals on Wheels as your charity partner for the 4th Annual 24 Hour Musical. We are blessed by the both the donation and the experience.
— Melissa Langford, Communication & Special Events Coordinator, Meals on Wheels Anderson (2017 Charity Partner)

January 31, 2018

All interested organizations should apply, even if you applied in previous years.

Please note: Only 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations are eligible. We can not accept any requests for support of an individual. 24 Hour Musical cannot guarantee any specific amount of funding from the event.

Feel free to contact us at any time with questions!

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