Frequently Asked Questions


Will you be producing more 24 Hour Musicals and events?

YES! We plan to produce an annual 24 Hour Musical each summer, benefitting a different charity every year. We also hope to produce other fundraising events throughout the year, so make sure you sign up for our e-newsletter and like us on Facebook so you'll be the first to know when our plans are announced!

How can my charity become a partner with the 24 Hour Musical?

We are always on the lookout for new ways that theatre arts can benefit our world, so whether you are a local charity or a global organization, we would love to hear from you! Our annual 24 Hour Musical event will have a different charity partner every year. If you're interested in being our next charity partner, please fill out our partnership application.


What are the volunteer requirements for the 24 Hour Musical?

There are no requirements to volunteer for the 24 Hour Musical! Just fill out our Volunteer form and we will contact you to discuss the best way for you to help.


What are the audition requirements for the 24 Hour Musical?

Requirements for auditioning will vary from show to show, year to year. Some shows will have a minimum age requirement. (For 2014-2015, the requirement was 14 years old.) Anyone who turns the minimum age during the month of the show can audition!

How do auditions work?

To audition for the show, simply record yourself singing a 1-minute vocal audition and submit it along with the audition form. You are also welcome to submit a headshot and resume by email, but it is not required. Those that are cast in the show will be notified via email (as well as those who are not cast), and the title of the show and cast list will be revealed at the Kick-Off Party.

Will there be callbacks?

Maybe! If the director feels it is necessary to see more from an actor before making a casting decision, they may ask someone to submit another video singing a specific song. This song may or may not be from the show we are producing. Just because an actor gets a callback does not guarantee that they are cast in the show; likewise, if an actor doesn't get a callback, they may still be cast! Some shows may have no callbacks at all, while other directors could theoretically decide to call back everyone who auditions, so don't read too much into it.

What should I sing for my audition?

We recommend musical theatre songs for auditions. We highly recommend using some form of accompaniment - either a pianist or a backing/karaoke track. iTunes and Youtube have a great selection of karaoke tracks!